Temporary Internet Files

IEIt is getting harder and harder to locate the temporary internet files for each new version of Windows and Internet Explorer. Most people know that temporary files, created while browsing the internet, are stored under some hidden folders (or specifically called ‘Temporary Internet Files’), the parent folder path will differ depending on the version of Windows/IE.

Even if you can find ‘Temporary Internet Files’ after turning on the settings to show hidden files and protected system files, you won’t be able to see all temporary files. There are many ways to get around this but I’ve found one of the simplest ways is to copy the above-mentioned folder to another location. All ‘super hidden’ folders and files will then be revealed.

In case some files are locked by other open programs, preventing them to be copied, you may consider using some utilities such as ShadowCopy that will copy files even they are in use. (Note: the system at the discussion is running Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9)

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