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Add a new audio track to an existing file

There is yet another common use of FFMPEG, i.e. adding a new audio track to an existing file which can be a video-only file or a video file already with an audio track. A use case will be adding a

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Announcing: Windows Defender ATP support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

With Windows 10 we built the most secure Windows ever, by hardening the platform itself and by developing Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) – a unified endpoint security platform that helps stop breaches. This means that for the first

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Correcting for audio/video sync issues

Due to various reasons, the audio and video tracks sometimes may become out-of-sync in a video clip, i.e. there are some delay between the tracks affecting the overall viewing experience. Use the following as examples to fix the issue. CASE

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Rotate a Video without Loss of Quality

Very often videos shot by smart phones do not carry a proper orientation indicator as intended due to various reasons. In order to rotate these videos without re-encoding, try the following command. ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c copy -metadata:s:v:0 rotate=0 output.mp4

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Flashing Firmware on Scishion V88 TV Box

To flash the firmware of Scishion V88 TV Box and V88 mini TV Box, both use Rockchip RK3229, there are basically two main methods. The first one is to prepare a microSD card with the desired firmware using a utility

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Swap the audio tracks without re-encoding

Many video file formats allow you to have multiple sound tracks (e.g. karaoke videos) where the first audio track is treated as the default by many audio-visual editing applications. Many of those can only handle one audio track which is

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TeamViewer Won’t Start

If you experience problems starting TeamViewer in Windows, one the possible causes may be that the communication stack WINSOCK has been corrupted. Uninstalling and reinstalling TeamViewer, tweaking the Firewall settings and rolling back to previous software version will not resolve

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VMware Bridged Network

If you use Bridged Network in VMware Workstation Player and experience network problems after software upgrade (either VMware or Windows), resetting the network configuration to its default settings usually resolves the problems. Since there is no network configuration tool in

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Screen Resolution of an Android on Virtual Machines

It’s been quite some since one can install Android on Windows-based systems, whether through an emulator or through virtual machines (such as Virtual Box or VMware Workstation). When running Android on virtual machines, there is one common adjustment which is

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Converting PDFs Using ImageMagick

There may be situations that you would like to convert a coloured PDF document to black-and-while (monochrome or greyscale) for whatever reasons. One of the methods that can accomplish this is to use ImageMagick, free command-line software that can perform

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